Monday, January 27, 2014

Samurai Summit

This week had a lot of interesting things happen. But it was a way good week! We actually just got back from going to see a samurai castle in Hiroshima. It was way cool! I have always loved castles so it was way cool that there was one nearby. (pictures attached)

I may or may not have forgotten to put rice in the rice cooker....we had a nice delicious pot of curry vegetables and meat ready and then finally the rice cooker finished. "Yes!" We all exclaimed, only to open it and find a pot of strange reallllly dry rice because some shinmai (rookie) forgot to put the water in...oops.

We went over to the Tonga family's house and said goodbye to them, that was pretty dang said, we're all going to miss them so much. Sister Tonga and their the kids were so close to getting baptized when they found out they had to move. But she said she is still determined to get baptized and right when she gets back she's going to call her husbands uncle who is a bishop so they can get baptized and get to the temple. We went over, gave a card and testimony letters, and sung "God be with you till we meet again" Sister Tonga was crying pretty bad. 

Unfortunately Tohma Kyodai has gotten pretty sick and is in the hospital. We are all praying for him to get better. We went and visited and gave him a blessing, but he was pretty sick, and when his wife came she didn't seem to happy with us. But Tohma means the world to us. He really is one of the most beloved people you could ever meet. And without him none of these miracles in Saijo could have happened. 

Despite Tohma being sick this sunday was a pretty cool sunday! It was the fewest people we had, but with only 14 people there, we had 6 different countries represented, including Mongolia, America, China, Phillipines, Japan, and Iran. The Elders Quorum was way cool because it was just all these people, who to some people there countries might be enemies, but in the gospel we were all brothers, some americans, some chinese and an iranian, just sitting together talking about how service brings us joy. It was truly an amazing thing. 

Oh other good news with that, our recent convert Sho is doing way good! He is getting the priesthood next week! And he is already inviting several of his friends to learn about the gospel! He is so cool! 

Last P-day there was another pretty amazing miracle too. Elder Lamb (of the senior couple) was returning to  his apartment and he saw a couple moving in to their apartment. He passed by, but then had a really strong feeling he needed to offer his help, so he went down and said "I have 4 friends who will be here in a minute to come help" so he called the us and we came and helped them move in. They were an awesome family from China that spoke really good english, and they invited us to come back sometime. So we came back a few days later and it turned out way better than we ever could have expected!

We brought over some Tofu Cake, (Me and Elder Bloomfields specialty, we've made it probably at least 15 times, it's way good and super easy to make, investigators and members have loved it) and we brought a welcome note. They invited us inside and they were way way cool! Their name is the Lee family and they are studying engineering at the University. And they invited us to come make chinese dumplings with them for chinese new years on thursday we are way excited! And we also invited them to come to a family home evening activity we're doing tonight and the wife Bing Bing said she is going to come! They just had a baby 4 months ago so they are so perfect for accepting the gospel. 

I was praying the other night before I went to bed, and was just pondering what it will feel like to go home. Of course I will love to see all my family and friends again. But it is going to be so so hard. I have come to love this people and this place like nothing I ever have before. I feel like Ammon saying "I desire to dwell with this people for a time, yea perhaps until the day I die" I love these people here so much. They have a special place in the depth of my heart and I am going to cry so hard when I have to leave them. 

Good thing I still have over a year left! Yay!

But it's going by far to fast. =(

I love being a missionary, there is no place I'd rather be, I love you all!

Newly called samurai missionary,
Walton 長老

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