Monday, August 11, 2014

The Scholars

This week we have been blessed to be teaching some real Grade A gospel Scholars here! 

We taught a muslim named M___ . He is way cool! His country is in a lot of turmoil right now and he is way sad. He is a strong muslim, but at the same time he is different from all of our other muslim investigators. He is actually trying to study and understand because he is curious and wants to know more, not because he is trying to convert us haha. 

He came to our second lesson with the lesson 1 pamphlet we gave all marked up. He had circled the vocabulary words and wrote all kinds of notes all over and had tons of good questions. He had even looked for and downloaded the arabic book of mormon on the internet. He is way way cool! He has tons of questions, but we still try to keep it under 45 minutes. (Its worth it) and then at the end of the 45 minutes he tells us, "What where did all the time go?!" If we let him he would probably read the scriptures and talk with us for hours on end soaking it all up. 

Our other scripture scholar is the golden Junior. He came to church this week for the first time it was so good! He ate it all up. He told us he wanted a triple combination because he has been reading the book of Mormon (He is probably 1/3 of the way through) and he sees all these footnotes for D&C and Moses and wants to look them up but can't find them. Also apparently he was a minister/pastor when he was 15. He is really religious and spiritual and is loving the restored gospel. We really didn't do anything he just already came super prepared!

Despite a typhoon this weekend yesterday tons of investigators came to church! There were exactly the same number of non members, missionaries, and members there which is probably not something you will find in almost any other area. 

When crazy miracles from God happen like this (This isn't nearly normal, I wish it was though) other missionaries sometimes ask "whoah what did you do?" And I always don't know what to say, because we really didn't do that much. I'm not even trying to be humble, we honestly didn't do anything, but try to be good missionaries and follow the spirit and the Lord was able to do his work through us, and He did crazy miracles. 

Finally a great miracle for Saijo, tonight the other Elder's investigator Okayama san is getting baptized!  He is this quiet 24 year old young man who works at a watch store. He loves fashion and is so excited to make that covenant with God and have the holy ghost in his life! I am so excited for him!

The Lord is doing so many miracles and I'm so happy to be His errand boy, bringing His love and gospel around the world!

Elder Walton 

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