Monday, September 22, 2014

Dan Jones of Nepal

Dear All,

This week had some many great and crazy miracles happen!

First off me and Elder Willis taught our first zone training together. Man was that tiring. It was great being able to love and help other missionaries, but the first thing I've learned being a zone leader is that I don't know how to be a zone leader haha. But I guess humility is the first step to wisdom.

After that we had some of the first finding time we had for a while so we went off to where we heard there were some Americans. We get there and find a group of foreign college students. "Where are you all from?" we ask.
"We're all from America, except him (pointing to a student up ahead), he's from Mongolia"
The moment I heard that I dashed towards him "Sen bien no!" I called out, which means hello in mongolian (I learned form Mongolian converts in Sajio.) He was so excited that I knew some mongolian that we became instant friends and set up an appointment for the next day.

We got there and he, Udomoto, was amazing. He jumped straight into asking why we are here and about Christ. We told him and taught him about baptism and he was so excited! Apparently the past few years he has been studying christianity on his own and basically converted himself. We set up a baptismal date right there on that first visit in the lobby of a dorm. And then he came to church that week!

He walked up to us with the biggest smile on his face! He was so excited to go to church! He told us later that he had worked from 12am to 8am and then walked straight to the church at 10. Wow. He is a crazy miracle!

And then finally today we went to go meet a person from Nepal we set up a lesson with and we get there and he has a friend there so we start talking to them both outside of their japanese school. Then pretty soon there are about 7 or 8 nepalese standing around us and we are teaching them about christ in the simplest japanese we can muster. Then their Japanese teacher came out and we taught her about the Book of Mormon and shared 2 Nephi 31:20 and she loved it! "Im going to read this at work!" She told us. For about an hour all these different nepalese and vietnemese students came out switching with others and listening to us teach. Us just sitting on a bench with all these students gathered around us.

I felt like I was Dan Jones on his soap box just teaching this huge group of people. It was so amazing! I could never have imagined myself having that kind of confidence at the beginning of my mission. But God has changed me so much. I just had such a strong desire to share about how much Heavenly Father loves all of them to them and it just flowed out naturally.

Some missionaries think, wherever they may be, that there area is kind of a dead area, people have thought that about Saijo and Nagasaki, but if we simply have faith in the Lord he can do miracles we could never imagine. and He is teaching me that every single day here.

Love you all!

Elder Walton

Nagasaki Japan

Photos: Me my companion and our ward mission leader overlooking Nagasaki

a hat from the nauvoo legion apparently...?

Me and missionaries from my MTC district at Mission Leadership Conference

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Also here in Nagasaki we get so so so much fruits and vegetables and stuff from a member of our ward. Like really it is ridiculous it goes bad before we can use it all. But hey I'm not complaining.
Stew Packets

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