Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 3 in Sasebo!

This week was a week of miracles!

We have our first real investigator (me and my companion were 2 new elders in sasebo so we had to start from scratch) His name is Kiyoshi. He is in his 60s and lives alone. He is divorced and has some kids. He feels a lot of pain from mistakes and guilt in the past, but we can feel he wants to change so much. He has a great smile and he likes to give us delicious milk. He is so great! 

We also had one time where we were streeting and we met this really buff Japanese guy and started talking to him. He didn't seem especially interested in the Gospel, but he was really impressed with missionaries, and really respected them, so much so that he walked us down the street and bought us soda's from the vending machine. He was so nice!

They don't always want to hear about the gospel, but the people here are so nice to us. I think I've only gotten the door slammed on us like once or twice the whole time we've been here. 

And probably the coolest miracle this week was when we had called a young woman who was a former investigator. She had seen the Salt Lake temple and gone to english class a little bit. She told us we could meet at the church Saturday night. But then on friday she called us and told us she got off work early so we went down to the church to meet her. And guess who else was there? Every single young woman her same age from the branch. It was so awesome! We introduced her to all of them, and now she knows all the young women her age in the branch!

I started back up going running every morning with Rees Choro. At first I thought people might be weirded out by my barefoot running, but they were all super nice exchanging "Ohayo Gozaimasu!"'s and smiles while we passed each other!

I love this place so much! This truly is the work of the Lord. It's hard, but it's so so worth it! Love you all!

Elder Walton

Oh also did I mention one of our neighbors is a castle? Yeah you wish your neighbor was a castle, here's a picture of it!

My first dinner in a Japanese home! The Yoshimura family were so nice! And their food was so so delicious!

And these others are beautiful Sasebo from this awesome view a member took us too. 


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