Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Week of the Transfer!

Well I've now finished one transfer (6 weeks) Whoah!!
This week has been of week of Miracles!

This Sunday we were in the church when we got a call from one of our potential investigators and he said basically, "Hey I'm here outside the church." Which we were not expecting. So we took him to the end of sacrament meeting, taught him and he got to meet the entire ward council! It was so great! It was our first investigator at church so that was pretty exciting!

We also met another really great guy this week, but unfortunately he leaves today to go back on a ship (he's in the military) today. :( Literally the top 3 people we've met who have seemed most likely to listen and want to join the church have all been in the Japanese military and almost all of them have been there for just a short time and then leaving so we couldn't teach them. It's like "arrrrggh! You're so perfect, but this is your one day of leave in Sasebo. Whhhhyyy?"

Also this week me and Elder Rees (Another fresh newbie) did splits with each other here in Sasebo while our trainers went to Saga to do splits with elders there. Just so you realize it's two elders who have both only been here for a month doing splits together. But it was sooo fun! We talked to a ton of people (including one random basketball coach who loves the Utah Jazz even though he's never been to Utah) and we had so much fun! We also bought and ate some food we didn't know what it was from a street vendor. It was next to some fried brains. Yeah we probably shouldn't have eaten it. Turns out later it was fried squid so it wasn't too crazy haha.

This week we've been so blessed with miracles of meeting and finding people and just love in general. We somehow always manage to catch our busses just barely on time. And we got so much food this week from members (and a HUGE bag of frozen meat from Elder Kameta's mom. Yeah that probably wouldn't work from the states) it's a miracle.

Oh and yeah there's a typhoon coming today, but don't worry we'll be fine. :)

Love you all!
Elder Walton

-Yeah we're a little addicted to Black Thunders....

-A missionary caught in his natural habitat.

-A hilarious poster we found on a store window haha.

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