Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week....I don't Remember....

Dear Everyone,

This week was a great week, Elder Rees is really such a great
companion and is helping me so much. We have so much fun together,
maybe sometimes too much.

Earlier this week I realized I had been getting a little bit more
easily irritated, was a little less motivated, and was more anxious
and self critical than normal and wasn't sure why, then I was reading
the "stress booklet" (an amazing book the missionary department
recently came out with to help missionaries) and read all those things
in there and was like, "ahhh I'm stressed, now I see" I hadn't
realized before because I didn't actually stressed really, but I think
finding out my bike needed $100 to fix and just the change to being
the area senior was causing a little stress. After I realized it
though I knew what to do and I feel much better now! I still sometimes
struggle with comparing myself with others and feeling like I'm less
good than all of the other missionaries around me. But I'm trying to
stop comparing and love myself as I also love those around me.

There have been many miracle this week though! The Morita family has
been hard to meet because they are so busy, buy we called them last
night and it was way good! We just talked about prayer and what it
means and he asked some good questions like how often do we pray. We
can tell they really are interested but with both having jobs and a
child they are pretty busy. They said if we call today though we can
probably meet this week! They don't have the same speed of progression
as some investigators, because they are so busy, but they have strong
interest and have been steadily progressing so much.

And the biggest miracle is Gary! Gary has been having so many amazing
miracle in his life I can hardly describe how much I feel God loves
him. He really wants the gospel and to be baptized, but he right now
has a pregnant wife college and 3 part time jobs to pay for all of
that, and its so hard for him to have time for anything, especially to
come to church, but he recently moved to (without knowing it) right
next to the Lamb senior couple! A huge miracle! The lambs have been
able to friendship him and his wife, and even spent an hour with them.
They are also helping him get a good job that he can support his
family with. Sister Lamb is connecting so well to Gary's wife Chiang
it is amazing! God really does have a plan and know why he needs each
missionary where he needs them.

Last night I had a dream where for some reason, a disaster or
something, me and the other missionaries from my group from the MTC
all had to go home at only our 8 month marks. I remember feeling so
incredibly sad. The first thing I asked, was how and what do I need to
do to get back out into the field. To get back out to doing God's
work. I felt so incredibly sad like there was 16 months of precious
experiences and joy that I had missed out on. I woke up and was so
incredibly grateful that I was still here on my mission, being so
close to the spirit and being a part of God's work. I'm thankful for
that dream because I think it helped me to realized and remember what
a precious sweet thing I am apart of right now, and really how much
amazing joy I get to feel from it.

I'm so thankful to still be out here apart of God's work and to have
so much time left here serving the Lord. I love being a missionary! =D

Thank you and Love you all!

Elder Walton

Me and Elder Rees eating too much ice cream

Going on our morning run (it's cold but feels so so good) Barefooting
is only a few weeks away.

How I look when President Utchdorf skypes me and tells me he has a
secret mission for me.

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