Monday, February 24, 2014

Gate to Narnia

This was a pretty exciting week! Lately me and Elder Rees have been
working with so many different people. A lot of them are still at
beginning stages, and not all are really solid. But it is so nice to
have people to work with instead of just out on the streets every hour
of the day.

There were so many awesome miracles that happened this week. For one
this weekend Takaki san got baptized!! =D

If you will remember, (probably not but that's okay) Me and Elder Wynn
found her on splits one night. And that night we felt impressed to
teach her about baptism and invite her to be baptized, which right at
the doorstep she said yes! Then we asked her if she could come again,
and in her words she said she didn't even say it, but something inside
of her just said, "hai." Yes you can! After that the sisters taught
her, but now after several months that woman I met at an apartment and
invited to be baptized several months ago finally did. It was a really
joyful day.

And another amazing miracle! Me and Elder Rees went to go visit a less
active and then were housing around that area. It was about 815 and we
had finished all the houses near bye and thought, "well should we
start finding on the way back home now?" But then we see this house
way out there in the middle of a rice field. "Should we go out to
Narnia?" Elder Rees asks. "Lets do it!" So we left our bikes and ran
out there. We get to it and it has this huuuuge gate. And its a pretty
big nice Japanese house. We ring the intercom, "Hey we share a message
that has brought happiness to our families" "Wait a second" a female
voice said. (in Japanese of course) Then out the side door grandpa
comes out. We start talking to him about how cool the house is, how it
has this awesome gate, and how we felt unworthy to even be there it
was so cool. Then a kid comes out the side door, and then a mom come
too. Then finally the main doors slide open and grandma says, "Hey its
cold! Everyone come inside! You dozo come on in!" So they invited us
in, fed us snacks. Talked with us, showed us around and we met all
their family, learned all their names and even their dog Kotaro! It
turns out the grandmother is Christian and she said we can come back
and share our message of Christ with their family! We left after an
hour just stunned at what had just happened. We entered a gate and
hadn't even realized we really had entered a Narnia miracle.

I'm so grateful to be out here doing the work of the Lord. It really
is so so amazing! Sometimes there are disappointments, especially when
those you love don't realize what this message can do for them, but I
feel like Ammon in Alma 26, loving and joying to simply be an
instrument in the hands of God.

Love you all!

Elder Walton

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 A burial mount of an ancient Japanese king,

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Me with hawke vision searching diligently for people prepared by God.

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