Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last week in Saijo?

Yet again the day of transfer calls has come, filled with anticipation and anxiety for the moment the phone will ring.

Sometimes missionaries make the mistake as seeing the calls from the AP's or mission president.

Make no mistake, the Lord may use his servants, but I know that these calls are from the Lord. Not because you did so good so you get to level up or yatta yata (the kind of things sometimes missionaries say) But simply because the Lord has a plan and a work he needs you to do!

This week we taught one of our muslim friends Gilig and it was a way good lesson! The past few had been not as good, we didn't feel the spirit as much because we were focusing more on the doctrine and the logic then on his needs and his heart. So we realized we needed to change. He thinks those things are what convert people, but we know better. Conversion comes through the spirit.

So this time we went in and told him, "We know you have hard things in your life right now, so we just want to help you in your life." And we watched a few mormon messages and testified of God's love and plan for him. The spirit was definitely strong and we could feel it. He could feel it too.

Then he told us, "Can I just give you a missionary tip, you didn't teach me anything really knew, you didn't tell me anything to convince me."

"That is because we can't convince you it is true, it will come through the spirit, giving you light through your feelings, feelings of peace and joy. That is how you will come to know it is true" We told him. And we testified and left. His heart was clearly softened as he felt the spirit.

The world would try and convince people they are right or their idea is true. But God's way is different he will speak to us, to our hearts, and we can know for ourselves through the power of the Holy Ghost. Isn't that amazing?

There have been so many miracles with the people we're working with, Our currently progressing investigtators are:

Andrew: From Taiwan 23 guy. Loves tennis and is working here. Has a baptisimal date.

Yoshiyama san: Japanaese 30 year old guy. He likes video games and the sisters. Good things we are the ones teaching him ;) He believes its true but the doing part is still hard for him. He is progressing a lot though!

Oda san: 65 year old Japanese grandpa. He reads and prays everyday. And when I told him I might transfer he started crying. I love him so much. We have to teach him waayyyy simply and slow. Currently he reads because we gave him a small plant that is a symbol of his faith, he can only water it when he reads the book of mormon.

Xiong Yi Song: Chinese 24 year old college student. Referral from Sho. He is really sincere and just wants to build that relationship with God and feel his love. He is great!

And then Fikri and Gilig are our two muslim friends. They are great! I love them both especially when they preach to us. At least they care enough to!

We are seeing so many miracles from the hand of the Lord and in the lives of these people! Please pray for them!

Elder Walton

Pictures and surPrises!

Well we got calls and.....I'm staying! For my 7th transfer in Saijo, going to make it 10.5 months!

Wow I am a Sajio Grandpa! But I am so grateful! I love this place so much!

Elder Walton

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