Monday, June 9, 2014

The End May Be Near

It has been a miracle filled week in Saijo! As always. 

Really any week of being a missionary is filled with miracles though. One of my saddest moments is when I go to another missionaries and I ask them what miracles they have had recently and they say, "none." 

Its like a dagger in my heart. 

Because there are always miracles! 

This week was a pretty hard week for me because of various reasons. But my district and their love really gave me so much strength to move on. Because there are 10 of us in a small area, we live right near to each other and there are so few members we have really learned to rely on each other and really have grown so close together! I don't think there has been any problem with the missionaries for who knows how long.

They really are a family. A band of brothers (and sisters) And I am so grateful for them. Their love did more for me than they will know.

We have been pretty busy this week teaching and visiting people so we haven't had a whole lot of time to find, but we have still been trying to talk to a few people whenever we go places and we have been finding miracles along the way.

This sunday the biggest miracle was the baptism of Sister Kishita! She was Sister Williams and Tseng's investigator and she is a 60ish year old grandma. She is so awesome! She studies the Book of Mormon so hard and has such great faith. When asked why she wanted to be baptized she said, "Iesu ga daisuke desu kara" (Because I love Jesus) She asked me to baptize her and I was so grateful to have that opportunity.

On the train ride over I saw elder wynn start talking to a random Japanese man. At first I thought nothing of it until I heard him say the word "branch" and then realized he had an oil vial on his keys. Turned out he's a member who is here in saijo for the next 2 months! His name is Brother Ryoke and he is way cool!

The service was filled with the spirit and was so wonderful! I was nervous about baptizing her because she had some health problems in the past. But a few weeks ago I went with Brother Kanchika and gave her a priesthood blessing. Since then she says she has never felt so good! Even when she would normally feel sick she felt better than when she would normally feel good!

She came out of the water in tears. She said that she hadn't believed the sisters, but she really had felt all her bad be washed away and she was so happy. she said, "I can't wait to go tell my daughter all my bad was washed away! She won't believe me!"

And by miracle (and a bold phone call from the sisters that found him) Yoshiyama san our investigator came for the baptism! The sisters told him if he wanted a girlfriend he has to do more than just play video games. 

He then gave us and Ryoke kyodai a ride home and Ryoke kyodai really helped him with all his issues and concerns. It was great for him! 

Our one investigator Andrew (who has a baptismal date) was going to come but then he got a different date....with a girl. Shoots. Well we'll get him next time. 

Especially through this week I have really felt the love of God, and the power of the Atonement of Christ. It really is real! He died for us and knows all our pain. If we let him in. He can heal us and take it all away. I really do know this is true

Elder Walton

Classic Japan and me the sisters and Kishita shimai.

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