Monday, October 6, 2014

A Blast to the Past

This week I got to go on splits with the elders from my very first area.

I felt so nostalgic walking the streets that I had been walking exactly 1 year earlier. Many things were similar, but it also felt different. Like just like me it had moved on to others things, but it was an amazing moment I had to reflect on my life, on how much I had changed in this 1 year.

I really have changed so much from this work, I have become so much more filled with faith, so much more loving, and patient, especially with myself. I see so many things so much clearer than I did before.

I'm so grateful for so much of what this mission blesses me with, but especially for this change. Change to become more like my Savior Jesus Christ. Nothing is of more value to me.
I love him and I love this work!
Elder Walton
Nagasaki Japan
-Nagasaki Sunset
-Me overlooking the same castle I saw everyday 1 year ago
-Me and a member family that had given me so much love when I had needed it so much.

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