Tuesday, December 30, 2014

White Christmas

Dear Loved Ones,

This past while it seemed there was this feeling in the whole Nagasaki zone of tiredness and slowness, maybe being in a bit of a rut, not fully giving our all for the Lord's work. Part of it may have been from loads of christmas activites, but it just didn't feel right.

Me and Elder Redd talked and we realized it really started all from us, and as far as our companionship I realized it really came mostly down to me. Recently I felt myself losing vision and exercising less faith, and just kind of going through the motions, not giving my heart might mind and soul.

It's amazing the power an example has.

As I felt myself and us as zone leaders began to slack off and work with less faith, the whole zone kind of followed and fell a little bit. So that night after we realized it, I prayed and repented and promised Heavenly Father I was going to give my all for his work and not rest till His work was finished.

And since then so much more light has entered my life, my soul and this work! I feel so much joy as I simply decide TODAY to me the very best I can be and give my all for his work!

And He does so much to stretch out his hand and help his children and the work we are doing.

We had so many amazing miracles that happened this week that demonstrate that.

But here is just one:
On Sunday me and Elder Redd had an appointment to teach this family that we had met the father a week earlier, we were so excited, but we weren't sure what would actually happen at this first appointment. We start walking up the staircase to their apartment and then we see two little kids run down followed by a father in a hurry,

It's our father we are supposed to teach! He quickly says to us as he runs down, "Gomen! Mukai ni.....chotto matte!" (Sorry...over there.....wait a little bit!)

So we watch him get in his car and drive off having no idea where he went or what he meant except to wait.

10 minutes passes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes finally we say, well....what do we do? Should we just go?

But we feel like staying a little longer.

Then finally, almost 30 minutes after our appointment the car returns, and out comes a dad, a mom, and 4 adorable adorable kids. They walk up the stairs and say "sorry and thanks for waiting! Come right in! Though it is a little dirty." Even though they didn't really know us, they let us walk right into their home (really rare in Japan) and teach and play with their kids. And soon the kids were having a blast grabbing our pictures and seeing our families and having fun. The parents even told the kids, "be quiet! Listen to their message!"

We were able to share a game and christmas message, and though they don't know entirely yet where this can take their family, the parents agreed to let us come again and share this message more with them!

We left the house feeling like we were walking on clouds for what a wonderful family they were. To teach such a perfect young Japanese family with a father and mother who both seemed interested in our message was such a miracle.

Without a doubt the Lord is doing His work and this is His gospel. I know that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of the Living God, and that so is President Thomas S Monson today.

It's all true.


Elder Walton
Nagasaki Japan
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