Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trials and Miracles, Blessings Both

Dear Loved Ones,

This past week was my birthday. I was completely content at celebrating it simply with some early morning pancakes and some cool vanilla ice cream. My companion, however, had other ideas. Over the previous week he and some members coordinated a surprise party at english class (which fell on my birthday) He in the middle of the class (which was a pizza party) suddenly said "I forgot to email president! Ive got to do that right now!" So he takes me to the computer room really quick and when we come back no one is there.

"Huh?" I think for a second, and then everyone jumps out with a cake and surprises me! I was pretty oblivious to a lot of obvious signs that week that it would happen, but hey, all I was expecting was some ice cream.

But I really felt my companions love a lot. He is a champ!

We are currently working a with several good investigators here. Our most progressing is named Mitsuru. He is a 50 year old architect, who loves to laugh and has a really gentle heart. He has a date for the 25th of April and is pretty solidly committed, all he needs is to continue strong with quitting tobacco, (clean as of this sunday) and if he can do that he will be set! Please pray for him!

We are also teaching a 30 year old named Nakayama who is full of smiles and really wants help in his life to overcome the temptations around him, Shirasuna, a 20 year old college student, and Masa an 18 year old. We are also still working on teaching the Ab lessons to new convert Hiroko, she is a hilarious grandma. She is great!

Some of you may know, but last week after finding and removing a tumor, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. To be honest, I have had a lot of trials in my time as a missionary, yet just just like Nephi says in 1 Nephi 1:1 I have also had so many amazing mercies from the Lord.

This time too, when I first found out, it was hard for me to process and figure out what I think and how I feel, but in the evening when finally the lights were out and the day was over I was able to really just pour out my soul to Heavenly Father. His love, His willingness to always listen to me with so much love and care and warmth gave me so much comfort. I know that whatever is put in His hands will all work out. =)


Elder Walton

Okinawa Japan

Pictures: My birthday
Me and my companion at the castle in our area
Beautiful Okinawa Sunset

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