Monday, June 15, 2015

One more year?

Well I don't have a lot of time left in the mission, but I'm definitely not going to slow down and let my faith cool. I'm going to end burning like a bonfire.

Literally. This next week in Okinawa along with super high humidity,
the low is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, THE LOW. Ha!

But that's okay! I wouldn't have it any other way than giving my all
despite fierce winds or hot sun and humidity and I'm going to love it!

Yesterday was a wonderful day of feeling the true joy of missionary
work and being an instrument in the Lords hands.

It started out with some rough setbacks though, this next week Mitsuru
was supposed to be baptized, so he had his interview on Saturday. He
was all ready, but then at the end of the interview he told the
interviewer that he wants to push it back and that he had some new
worries. So we were a little disappointed considering a week earlier
he said he wanted to have the blessings of baptism as soon as
possible. But we decided that an interview with the bishop would help
smooth out some of his concerns. So we set that all up for after
sacrament meeting and Mitsuru agreed.

But unfortunately right after sacrament meeting, Mitsuru again said he
had to go right after sacrament meeting and couldn't do the interview
(we had just taught him that week about coming to all 3 hours) and so
we had to let him leave right after the meeting.

The next few hours I was honestly pretty frustrated. It was like all
these things we were trying to teach and help him were just going in
one ear and out the other. I was down and disappointed, so I decided
to take a few moments after church and just pray and read some Book of
Mormon. While I did I felt Heavenly Father explaining lovingly to me
again what he had taught me before, that this work wasn't mine, that
it was his and that he would do it, so I humbled myself and decided to
put my trust in him.

Then that night we went out finding, and I felt this super fire to
talk to everyone and testify of the gospel to all I could find! And
Heavenly Father blessed us so much! We found multiple new people just
on the way to our appointment, it was the best day in weeks!

The best was the final door we knocked on. It was an almost log cabin
kind of house with a nice pine smell. We knocked and out came a 38
year old dad. He was kind and listened to us for a bit,  then out came
3 daughters from about 13 to 5 years old and they were just so cute
and so fun and happy, we stooped down to their level and showed them
pictures of our family and they were so happy. They loved them!

We explained that we wanted to do an FHE with them with a game a treat
and a message and the kids got really excited! "How about next week?"
We asked.

"I'm free!" Exclaimed one of the kids, and he father said if they had
time he would welcome us so we took down his phone number and will
hopefully go back at the end of June. Me and my companion left that
house walking on clouds. It was the nicest little family I had ever
talked to and those girls had just so much love and pure goodness. It
was such a sweet experience.

While walking a way I felt a really strong desire to stay in this
beautiful country with these wonderful people and families and to keep
sharing the gospel with them. At that moment I would have chosen to
stay a whole another year if I had the option.

It was such a sweet experience. Later my companion told me that he had
a feeling from spirit that the Lord saw our hard work despite our
disappointments earlier and that all this was a blessing from God for
our hard work.

My mission may be winding down, but up so grateful for this wonderful
two years. I will never be able to thank him for such an amazing

Love you all,

Elder Walton

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