Thursday, July 16, 2015

The End

Well, this is it. There and back again, a missionary tale by Elder Walton.

I have been filled with so many emotions the past few days. People ask
if I'm excited to go home, but I can't really describe the different
emotions that are swirling around in my heart. The best I can say is
mixed feelings. This is my journal entry from 3 days ago.

"It is starting to hit me hard how sad it is that I am leaving Japan.
Last night as I began to pray, the emotion overwhelmed me and I curled
up and just silently cried for probably 10, 15 min at the love I felt
for the people of Japan and how sad I am that I am leaving. These
people here have become so dear to my heart. They have taught me so
much and so many times helped me feel so much love. Despite being a
complete stranger so many of them have shown so much love to me, been
willing to invite me into their home or their doorstep, or given me
fruit or praise or kindness. These people love peace and goodness and
they are determined to help those around them, they are so incredibly
kind and I love them so much with all my heart."

I am so happy to see my beloved family, but so incredibly sad to leave
his place of my heart. It has become so incredibly precious to me.
Truly to me it has become holy ground.

I have learned so much here, I have learned that Heavenly Father truly
lives and loves people no matter what country they live in, what
language they speak, or what age they are. They are his children and
each one of them has so much value to Him.

I have learned that Christ truly is the Savior of each of those
children. He lives. And I have watched time and time again that as
people turn to Him, like the Nephites of old they are healed, every
last one.

And I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is an amazingly
powerful testimony of Christ. I testify that Joseph smith was a true
prophet and that this is the restored church of God, and it will fill
the whole earth.

I have so much left in my life to learn, and I still have so many 
weaknesses and inadequacies within me. But I am more grateful than I
can ever find words to express for these two years that I could come to
 know these precious truths and change so much more to be like and 
closer to my Savior.

Love you all,

I'm excited to see you soon.

A Missionary Forever
Elder Walton

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