Saturday, July 27, 2013

Almost A Month Now!

Hi all!

So this week we got new kohai (new Japanese missionaries) so now I'm basically a veteran...ha! But I really do love them a ton! I just have this inner desire to look out for and help them. I think it comes from my days of being on band council and looking out for freshmen. And despite being basically the same age they all look so much younger to me. Though actually a lot of them are fresh out of high school so maybe that's why.

It's crazy how much my japanese has come in 3 weeks! I go to lessons and then words come out surprisingly freely. Comparing to what I knew 3 weeks ago I never would have expected to learn so much Japanese so fast.

One thing I learned over the past few weeks is that even though you might have a desire to only study or focus on the language, the language really is no the most important thing. Having the spirit and bringing the spirit in a lessons makes so much more of a difference than that much language would. I've learned a lot about why that is so important.

I'm really starting to grow ito loving being a missionary. Understanding more and more about what it means to be a missionary and I love it! Last week we had a lesson and we tried really hard to have the spirit and follow while we prepared the lesson and while we taught. We ended up following it to do a lot of things we wouldn't of thought of without it. It ended up being our best lesson every. I loved it and it reminded me why I'm a missionary and why I'm out here.

Love and miss you all!

Elder Walton

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