Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 4!

Dear Loved Ones,

So I'll tell a funny story. We have a sensei named Seito Sensei (he's native Japanese) and the other day we made the connection that his dad is "Seito Bishoppu" one of the first people you see on our language learning software. (That kind of blew our minds) Anyways we did TRC (where we teach volunteer members as themselves) and guess who was there? Seito Bishoppu and his wife! Our sensei's parents! After seeing their funny adorable family interactions our sensei told my companion and me that we would teach his father. Excited and nervous to teach "Seito Bishoppu" We trecked in.

Unfortunately although we knew he was supposed to be himself as a member, he though he was supposed to be an investigator. What followed was a lesson full of confusion and being taught how we needed to teach prayer more simply to Japanese people who didn't understand prayer. And also he was a native japanese speaker who spoke really fast so that was kind of hard too haha. Anyways our sensei was watching us through a camera and apparently (we heard through some other missionaries) went up to his mom and exclaimed, "Mom! Dad's gone rogue!" in english and then started talking fast in Japanese. Ha! Anyways after the lesson we had a good laugh about it. It's always good to be on the same page with investigators you're teaching and members who come to teach with you.

Also this week we watched an MTC devotional (from the past) by Elder Bednar called "The Character of Christ" It was soo goood! It sent me on a quest to try harder to study and understand the true character of Christ so that I can try better to be like Him.

I'm frequently surprised at how powerful the things that PMG and the MTC teachers teach. At first you hear or read them and think, "Oh that's nice." But then when you actually do them you realize that in every line there is so much power. That's kind of how the scriptures are too a lot of the time. So you future missionaries, pay close attention to everything PMG and your teachers teach you! There's is so much power in them that you won't come to realize till you apply them in your life.

Also we passed our halfway or "hump" day at the MTC on Friday. It's crazy how fast time flies! Last night I had a dream where my two year mission flew by in a matter of minutes and I was already home! I was glad when I woke up that I still basically have all of it left to enjoy.

Love you all and hope you are doing well!!!

-Elder Walton

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