Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final Stretch

So this week is my final stretch in the MTC. We are now the oldest group of Japanese missionaries here, (called Daisempai) so we're pretty cool I guess....haha. I made a goal for the rest of the time in the MTC to almost never speak in english, and to only speak in Japanese with maybe a few english words thrown in if I don't know them. I've got a whole two weeks left and I know if I really push I can make a whole lot of progress so wish me luck!

Also this past week I've been trying to really constantly be grateful, to have a prayer of gratitude in my heart throughout the day. And man what a difference it has made! It's brought me so much joy! And apparently from my smiles lots of other people have been uplifted, so I'm really glad I've been able to help someway. I'm really gonna try to work on that and make it not just a one week thing, but a deep character trait. I think with it and the joy and smile it brings I'll really be able to help people in Japan!

Our district got to skype member Japanese people and just share lessons to them as members this week and it was really fun! Though our investigator was actually in Sandy Utah unlike most of them that were actually in Japan. It's okay though because she was so great! I loved sharing beloved parts of the gospel with others!

I've also been really feasting and learning so much as I've studied the scriptures (currently in Matt 17) searching to understand about the character of Christ. I've been writing what I know in a nice bound journal specifically for insights into the character of Christ and I've already filled around 20 pages! I thought I understood who Christ was before, but I'm really coming to a deeper understanding of who he is. Of his humility, his love for people over things of the earth, his will and his dedication to his purpose. It's really been an inpsiring adventure and I've learned so much! Hopefully I'll be able to take these insights and help myself become more like Christ.

Also I've really come to appreciate and understand deeper how the Atonement of Jesus Christ connects to everything in the gospel. The past few lessons we've had despite being about different things have almost all drew from or to the Atonement of Christ. For example the other day we had a lesson where we were teaching investigators who at one point through a curveball at us we weren't expecting. At first we went kind of into flustered fire control mode speeding along at what we thought we should do and the lesson starting falling apart. But after saying a prayer in my heart and trying to listen to the spirit I felt that we should really teach about the atonement of Christ. And as we did, the connections were made clear, and the whole message drew back together, the spirit was there and hearts were touched. The atonement of Christ is EVERYWHERE. Throughout the Book of Mormon and life, throughtout every one of our trials and difficulties, if we seek to partake of the fruit of the tree in Lehi's dream, the love of God, or the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be healed.

Love you all,
Elder Walton

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