Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 6? I'm not really sure...

Hi all!

This week we had one really not so great lesson where me and my companion were not super unified and then we had several really amazing ones, after we took what we learned and fixed it.

Our most amazing lesson was with a new "investigator" named Ryan Watanabe. Now I know they're our teachers roleplaying and not real investigators, but having been one of those roleplaying investigators many times i know that the spirit doesn't roleplay, and when you do it you only do what you feel like you should/would do.

Anyways it was an an amazing where basically all we talked about was his life and circumstances, a little about the Book of Mormon and basically all about God's love. We've been trying to get better at inviting people to commit to baptism earlier, even in the first lesson. So after explaining a little about what baptism is, and especially since the spirit was so strong in that lesson we invited him to baptism and even (following a prompting from the spirit) invited him to prepare for baptism on a specific date and he said yes! We had never imagined before getting a baptisimal commitment with a specific date in the first lesson, but after it made so much sense why that was so good. To give them something they're working towards and understanding where we want to help them come to.

Funny story about that though. So I'm really not that good with dates and in the lesson I had to do some quick calculating to figure out whenSeptember 2 was, so I said it was the 8 month and 2 day. Which was the day after we first met with him. Obviously he was a little confused, but after really my mistake I quickly fixed it to the 9 month and 2 day haha. So it was all good.

But it really was such a powerful lesson, where we tried our best to invite the spirit through testimony, scripture, personal experiences, and teaching to his needs, and because of that the spirit came and did the rest. Having been an investigator I know he wouldn't have committed to baptism if he hadn't felt the spirit really strongly.

The past week almost all my district has been a little sick with sore throats and coughs and such, including me the past few days, but it's not too bad and I'm getting better so that's good!

The food though is getting a little tiring though. It's that it's bad at all by no means. It's just with the same things every week and the slightly less appetite missionaries feel makes it a little harder. I find fun ways to mix it up so it's all good.

The church is true and the Book of Mormon really is the word of God! Pray and do good stuff! I'm praying for you all!

Love you all!

-Elder Walton

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