Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dendo like the Ancients.

I probably need to preface this a little bit. The word dendo is an
awesome word! It means basically to do missionary work in general. And
there is an awesome talk by Elder Holland that talks about teaching
and testifying by the spirit and getting back to doing it like "the
ancients did it" so me and Elder Rees made a list of all the ways we
want to dendo like the ancients, being bold and loving, having faith
talking to everyone etc...And we have a bunch of inspiring scriptures
that we read a few everyday. It's awesome!

We had a rough last week, all our lessons dropped and no new
investigators, but this week there were tons of miracles!

We still had no lessons or new investigators. But we actually did find
6 people who were willing to set up appointments and we got some
contact info....its just none of them came to the appointments. =\

The biggest miracle though was with the chinese people! On Tuesday we
had a crazy day of all finding. Which can normally be kind of rough.
Especially if you just go out for like 8 hours just straight streeting
or housing. But me and Elder Rees planned well and kept it fresh with
exciting and meaningful activities every hour. And every few hours we
did what we call a "mid day devotional" where for just 5 to 10 minutes
we found a nice spot, and just read together in the Book of Mormon
about some awesome missionary or some awesome story, and then prayed
with faith going forward. It was awesome because all though we may
have gotten a little bit tired or tiny bit discouraged, after we had
our mid day devotional we were filled with faith and reared and ready
to go! We felt like we really were like Ammon, or Peter, or Paul. The
same as those awesome ancients out preaching the gospel of Christ, the
greatest message ever known. It felt so good.

The night of that crazy day we were going out housing and we stopped
this one man who turned out to be chinese. I used a little of the
chinese I knew (but since he was fluent in english we continued in
that) and after we taught a little, he said to us, "So...what do I
need to do to get involved? Is there like a place I need to go? Do I
need to set up an appointment? What do I need to do to learn more?"
That my friend, is a great question. He was going out of town the next
week, but we got his number so we have great hopes for him!

Then that night we get to these three massive apartment buildings. And
we're wondering where to start when Elder Rees turns to me and says,
"Do you hear that? That's chinese" So of course we went straight to
that room. Turns out that all three buildings were about half chinese
people! And unlike the college students not very many of them spoke
any Japanese or English. So I was there testifying to old Chinese
grandpas, grandmas and families in my limited Chinese. And then
getting spoken to in Chinese having no idea what they are saying. It
was awesome!

We left with a few good potentials (impressed by white guys speaking
chinese in Japan) and sent the sisters (with the missionary from
taiwan) back there. And already have found a bunch of really good
potentials from it!

It really is a miracle that a chinese speaking missionary came to
Saijo and then only a week later we find this awesome place filled
with chinese that don't speak english or Japanese. It's amazing!

Then the other crazy thing that happened this week. On Saturday I was
on splits with Elder Wynn, my good old fellow 2012 Timpview classmate.
It was night after eikaiwa had ended, so we went to visit there
investigator from Iran named Kevin and bring him some orange juice.

We get to the bottom of his apartment and he is already there. "Hey
Elders! I was just waiting for my friends and we're going bowling
tonight. Want to come?" Me and Elder Wynn looked at each other,
realizing this would be a great way to introduce the gospel and get
relationships with his non member friends so Kevin could invite them
to learn more so we said "If we can be home by 9 then we're in"

So I ended my Saturday night bowling with 3 Iranians. I have a feeling
that is a worldwide missionary first. Welcome to Saijo Japan.

Elder Walton

We went to an awesome park for p-day,
met awesome musicians!

The sisters decorated my door for my birthday. How nice!

Bowling with Iranians. Awesome!

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