Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transfer Week....wait I thought that was last week?

Dear Beloved Family, Friends, Acquantances, Future Generations, and
Random People on the Internets,

How is it already the end of the transfer (6 week period) I feel like
Elder Rees came here just last Tuesday. This definitely the fastest 6
weeks of my life. And I'm terrified because I've heard it only gets
faster. Doctor who, help please.

This has been an awesome week! A little stagnant with some
investigators, seeing as some are way busy, some are in Fukuoka and
another 1/3 of them are moving out of our area :( literally everyone
we have been meeting recently are all moving, including 4 of our
investigators. But that's okay, we're going to make sure they can get
transferred well to other areas and continue coming to Jesus. :)

Actually one strong point me and Elder Rees have is when we meet
people who don't live here we have been really dilligent at trying to
get numbers and contact info so we can refer them to other places even
if they live in a different country. We got like 3 referrals to send
to osaka, tokyo and even taiwan this week. Pretty crazy.

The good old recent convert Sho is doing awesome though! He is finally
paying tithing, (it took a bit before we had someone who could teach
him how you do it in Japan) and now he is being prepared to receive
the melchizedek (shoot I can't spell english) priesthood at the end of
May and then Saijo can become a branch! It's so crazy that it is able
to go from almost nothing to branch probably just after I leave! I'm
so grateful to get to be a part of it!

We have so many chinese people here I have been spending some time
learning chinese now so that when we meet them on the street and they
don't speak japanese or english (or even when they do) I can testify
to them in their own language and tongue about Christ. I love it! I
have always felt an affinity for chinese, and even thought I would
serve chinese speaking, well I didn't, I got called to Japan....but
then I ended up teaching a bunch of Chinese people. Who knows maybe
I'll come home with 2 new languages? (but one of them will be pretty

Also recently were housing a met a guy named Michael who is from the
Czech republic and has been living here for 25 years. He was a hindu
monk for 5 years and has studied just about every religion except
islam and the Book of Mormon, he and his family might come to church
this sunday! He is a pretty cool guy!

Since I came 6 months ago Saijo has always been the lambs, Sister Ito
and Sister Williams, Elder Henderson, me and Elder Wynn ( who came a
little late) and then Elder Rees too. It has changed so little, but
this transfer at least one of the sisters and maybe and elder too (I
hope not me!) will be leaving. Because there are so few members here
all the missionaries are so close, we are like one little family. To
be honest we are probably one of the closest missionary districts in
any mission field because of us all being in a tiny group in one area
with few members. We see each others at least 3 or 4 times a week.
Teach together when we pass investigators and eat delicious
okonomiyaki together. It's going to be sad when some of them go. But
I'm sure whoever else who comes will be great too. =)

Lately I've been learning and trying to really just give up my life
for this work
and always focus on how I can help others. Every night I look at my
prayer board full of missionaries, members, investigators and family
and friends' names and just ask "What can I do to help them? How can I give
and love more?" And I've been feeling more and more joy because of it!
I really am the happiest I've ever been! =D Serving others really is
where true happiness comes from! I'm excited to enjoy that happiness
the rest of my life as I seek to serve others and bring them joy.
Isn't the gospel of Jesus Christ great? I'm so thankful for this
message and the joy and peace it brings.

I pray for you all and love you! Keep holding on to this source of greatest joy!

Elder Walton

Me Elder Rees and Sho and our adventures.
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Me Elder Rees and Sho with our matching sock ties.

My name in arabic
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