Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miracles Unending

Dear Everyone!

Today my time is short, but there are so many miracles I need to share
from this week!

On Monday we went hiking to see the flower blossoms. We were hiking up
and saw no one on the whole path, then we get to the top and it was
gorgeous. Up on the top Elder Rees is taking a video and says, "Hey
look a fellow hiker man...wait a minute!" He runs down a bank and

"What the? Where did he go?" I wondered. Turns out the person he saw
was Riyu! A way strong investigator of the other elders who was way
close to baptism and then decided to stop taking the lessons. We had
been praying for one more chance to talk to him. And then somehow we
all end up on some mountain in the middle of nowhere! It was a crazy
miracle and we were able to help him and hopefully he will be okay.

Also we had a lesson with Rueben. He is from Sierra Leone and was an
investigator I taught once my first transfer, but he has been gone for
6 months. He is a way strong christian, but has been way busy with
school and super stressed. We by miracle ran into him the night we
went bowling with 3 iranians and got an appointment, then we met and
really helped apply the atonement from the book of mormon and how it
helps him in his burdened life. Then we asked him what he believed
about the book of mormon and Joseph smith. He told us he believes the
Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet, and this church is
true, though he's not ready to commit to be baptized. It was crazy!

Then later in the week we found a new investigator who is named
Fukuoka (yes like my mission name) who is about 20 and went to a
sunday school when he was younger and gave us his address phone number
and said we could come over wednesday morning to teach him. He seems
like he has way good potential!

We went down to Takasu for general conference and it was amazing! All
my questions were answered in powerful ways. With each session they
finished and I looked down at my watch dumbstruck at how the time had
already flown and it was already over. I couldn't believe it!

On Sunday Sho came down too and he is so so awesome! He loved General
Conference and really learned so much. Afterwards he came with us back
to Saijo on the train and went with us to visit a less active who
loves the missionaries, but just really needs some love from the ward
members and he was perfect. This little 3 month recent convert stood
there and told him how everyone is loved and welcome at church and he
should come. If I get rejected by every single person for the rest of
my two years as a missionary it will have been worth it just for him,
he is amazing.

And finally this miracle involves our entire zone basically. The
Sisters in Hatsukaichi (Nagamine shimai in the picture to the right of
me) had this feeling this week they should do weekly planning at the
church. So they go down there, and suddenly the church phone rings.
(I've never seen it do that) And they answer it. Turns out it is this
less active member from America who really wants to turn her life
around and wanted to meet that night! They met her and set up an
appointment for her to meet the Hiroshima (where she was going)
sisters the next day and wrote it down.

But then the note wasn't clear and she wasn't sure where it was. But
guess who ran into her in Hiroshima at the atomic bomb memorial. Yep.
The Saijo missionaries. We just happened to run into her. She walks up
to us and says, "I'm from america I want to go to church." That took
us by surprise. We realized she was the miracle woman (we had heard
the story from the hatsukaichi sisters) so we got her on the phone
with the hiroshima sisters and got her so she knew where the church
was. God really loves her because he is using basically an entire zone
of missionaries to help her.

There are miracles everyday and I'm so grateful to be out here. I love
being a missionary!

Love you all!
Elder Walton

Pictures: Us at General Conference.
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Us visiting a less active with Sho, he is beyond cool.
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Crazy miracle of meeting Riyu on the mountain.
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