Monday, May 12, 2014


I stayed! 

Pretty rare, but I will be in Saijo a total of 9 months! I'm so grateful to get to be here another 6 weeks! That means I will probably get to be here for Zaima's baptism and see Saijo become a branch! 

But besides me, I am just grateful to get to serve these wonderful people and help these investigators for another little while, I have come to love them so much. 

Not a whole lot of time today, I got to skype my beloved family who are all so wonderful. And shout out to my Mom Happy Mothers Day!

Crazy miracles this week (just a few of many) 
We were riding to an appointment and were in a hurry but decided to talk to one person on the way to give God a chance to work miracles, and the one person, just a normal japanese college student, turned out to be the cousin of a missionary in our mission! And we got an appointment with him this week! We'll probably call the other missionary and ask him about his cousin, a way cool miracle though!

And then the most amazing this week was after church I sat back just watching everything going on. The stake president came and was teaching recent converts sho and haishan about the higher priesthood, sho was setting up an appointment to hometeach formerly less active brother Yorioka, an investigator me and Elder Rees found and passed to the sisters was so touched by the love she felt from the sisters in the ward. I stood there and saw, this place really is strengthening into a branch and seeing so many miracles. 

I'm just thankful to be a part of it.

Elder Walton

Me and brother yorioka, 

Me and Elder Rees went out finding way out where no missionaries have been, taking a skylift into skyline city. A basically japanese utopia with way nice houses, and the first person who answered had been to a stake barbeque that I also was at 3 days after I got to Saijo. We have her number and will hopefully meet again. 

And...some other things I attached, but forgot what i attached.

Love you all!

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