Monday, May 12, 2014

Will I Stay or Will I Go?

Well this is the day of all days. I'm sitting here emailing, with the phone right beside me. Waiting for the call to know the next several months of my life. I feel like Frodo, with the ring throbbing, calling to me. My companion offers to hold the phone for me, but I reject him, 
"No. It's my burden to bear, I can't let you suffer it." 

It's only been a few weeks and I've already forgotten the taste of strawberries. (actually that's probably because so many things here are flavored with really artificial strawberry flavor)

It's kind of interesting, in some ways I expect to go, so I kind of want to go. But on the other hand, If I could get transferred anywhere, I want to get transfered back to Saijo.

...If that makes any sense. 

You'd think after so long, 7 and a half months I might get tired of here. 

Nope. I could never get tired of this place. I would serve here my whole mission with I could. 

But It is kind of stressful sitting having no idea, just waiting for a telephone call that could come any time in the next several hours. Oh man I just want to know!

It's okay though because I know wherever I am, it's where the Lord needs me to be. He's got a plan for what he wants me to do and where he wants me to be, so as long as I trust him I know I will be okay. 

Anyways this past week has been pretty awesome! We realized that somehow basically every companionship in Saijo has a specialty of who they have been finding and teaching. 

Elder Wynn and his companion always find Moms somehow. (one week they found like 5 different Moms)
Sister Willes and Flake have like 6 grandma investigators.
Sister Tseng and Williams are of course the chinese.

And I think me and Elder Rees have become the muslims teachers, seeing as we now have kind of 4 muslim investigators, though some we might not meet in a while/ again. 
1 of which hates religion, another referred us to all of his neighbors and said, "Its no problem go and challenge them." and the other two flat out said they are trying to convert us to Islam. But they are nice and make good curry. And we know the spirit will work on them so we're down to learn a little about the Koran in the meantime. 

We're working with several different people including hopefully a family! The one we found by miracle last week. We were able to teach the father and hopefully thursday will be the father and kids, but most of all we are helping our awesome main man Zaima!

His baptismal date is for this Mothers day! And so far it looks like he is going to make it! I never imagined that could find someone who knew so little about the church and have them be ready to be baptized only 3 or 4 weeks later, but Zaima really was so prepared by God!

There really have been so many miracles going on here. It's crazy everyday there are miracles. I wish I could share them all, but I promise you they are there! As we trust God, have faith and do His will he always performs miracles in or our behalf and I am just so incredibly grateful for all of it! 

Sometimes despite all the success we are seeing I still look at myself critically and judge myself, saying I am not enough, but I know that is not how God looks at me. He sees who I am, a son of light. A defender of truth. A disciple of Jesus Christ. He doesn't care how I compare to that guy or this one. But he loves me fully and completely and is simply rooting for my success. And is doesn't matter if we are having lots of success or being rejected a lot (which we still are even when we have success) because real success is the peace and joy that comes from knowing we are giving our all for Christ. 

Let's keep giving it our all for Jesus. 
You know I will be =)

Elder Walton
Saijo, Hiroshima Japan

Me and Elder Rees
Me and Brother Yorioka, a less active who came to FHE and will be coming back to church,
Russian bom and pamphlets for a russian investigator
So many doorbells....
and another picture I forgot which one it was but I hope its good!

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