Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miracles Like Crazy

Well it's another week here in Saijo and there have been miracles like crazy!

A few miracles from this week:

Sunday. Church this week was so great! There were so many people! The building was so full! We barely had enough sacrament cups! We will have to get a new building soon! And the bishop and stake counselor came and interviewed recent convert sho and Haishan to get the melchizedek priesthood! Saijo is becoming a branch! 

On the street we found a new investigator who is actually the cousin of a missionary in our mission! He was so excited when we called him to tell him! 

And the greatest miracle of all, the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have really been coming to understand more and more and more of what the atonement is and how it really does apply to everything we teach. No book of mormon prophet teaches anything, except it is connected to the atonement. And it has been amazing seeing those connections and being able to teach the atonement in everything we do to our investigators. It really is the center of our message and most important thing in the world!

Here are just some of the people we are working with!

Zaima: He is all ready, but we just need to figure out church with his job and when he could get baptized and confirmed. He worked yesterday and the day before in the evening, but he still came to church, completely tired. But he came! He has awesome faith!

Wu Long: A 40 year old chinese man. When we met him on the street he said, "so how do I get involved do I need to make an appointment or come to something" We taught him on friday and he is awesome!

Fikri/Gilig: Two Muslim people we meet every week. They usually make us delicious food and then both try to understand our message and try to convert us too a little bit. But there is some potential with them. 

Andrew: A taiwanese who has a baptisimal date for July 7 he is awesome! He is progressing way good and is just our bud. 

And there are actually several more that we are teaching too. We have gotten way busy teaching lately! To be honest 6 weeks ago we had two weeks where we didn't teach any lesson. But since then God has been pouring out crazy miracles! I'm so grateful for that! Now we are teaching way more than I ever have, or most areas in our mission. 

And those other missionaries who do read this I don't want you to think, Oh its just because of the area, (Saijo didn't have a baptism for almost 3 years!) or (Oh those missionaries are so great, we can't do that) No! We are not that great. We're just normal guys. With a vision of what the Lord can do you can do it too! I firmly believe that any area can be like this! Don't ask why or how or when. But why not? Just seek for God's vision. Have a vision of what your area, or your job, or life can become. And trust God and strive for it! You can do it too! =D

Love you all and I love the Lord and his work!

Elder Walton

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