Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Everyone

Dear Everyone,

This week was an interesting week filled with some hardship, many miracles, and lots of chinese.

Last week I emailed about the crazy sunday trip to Hiroshima's wedding, we don't know a lot but it seems like he didn't end up getting married, and that caused a pretty big shock to him and has caused a really dangerous situation. He is really struggling so please pray for Zaima. He really needs prayers right now.

This week we had a really great lesson with ___ our muslim from Indonesia. Our normal place didn't work to meet so we told him we had another one. We get there and he says, "what is this place?" We tell him it's a church and he visibly takes a step back. But after reassuring him it's just a normal room in a normal building he is okay. We read in the Book of Mormon and I think for the first time he started to understand what kind of Book it was, see the beauty and also the testimony of prophets. At the end he said, "well this is all good, but I think our main difference in beliefs is about whether christ is the son of God or not."

We then we gave one of the most powerful testimonies I've felt about the savior, testifying that he was not just a prophet, but the son of God, I know that he came to die for our sins, and that through him we can have eternal life. At that moment, as that testimony surged through me I felt more sure than ever that Christ was the son of God. The Holy Ghost bore witness to me and to him.

And then we explained that the way he can know Christ is the son of God is through the Book of Mormon. And we testified that it was true. And we could see, he felt the testimony, he wanted to know for himself. He might take a while, but he will come to feel it's true for himself.

This week was filled with tons of Chinese. About a month ago after reading my patriarchal blessing and pondering I felt a prompting that I needed to study Chinese. I was a little unsure at first, but I felt like it was from the Lord so I did. And now I can see why. Recently I have started really trying to study it so I can teach people on the street set up appointments and teach them later. Most of them understand some Japanese, but when they hear it in their native tongue in chinese, (by a white guy in Japan no less) than it touches their heart. This week alone we found a way golden investigator 25 year old chinese girl and a family of a mom and daughter (both of which we passed to the chinese sister) We spent yesterday housing a chinese filled apartment building and I spent most of that hour teaching and talking to people in chinese. Usually not understanding the words they said back, but through the gift of tongues and the spirit I knew what they were saying, and I was able to help them. It was madness!

I know the gift of tongues really is true! None of this is because of me, but because God has guided me and given me the ability to help the children he loves so much, and I am so thankful to him!

And finally on Saturday we taught a brazilian named Junior. He is the one who told us on the street (I've always had interest in the book of mormon but didn't know where to buy it!) We met again, and by the way this time he asked us where he could buy the doctrine and covenants too haha. We told him we'd get it to him for free.

Anyways we followed up on the first lesson, and talked about it. Turned out he had met with some missionaries a little before and went to church a little before, but maybe didn't have a lot of chance in his small town. But he told us he already believes in the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was a prophet! We were a little surprised. It's nice to find an investigator preloaded with a testimony.

God really is preparing so many people. I'm so grateful to just be his instrument. We aren't doing the work. This is his work, he is doing it! And we're just along for the ride. I love it!

And I love all you!

Elder Walton,

Saijo Japan

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