Friday, July 18, 2014

The Melting Pot

Dear Loved Ones.

This week we had what in japanese we call Junkai (It means literally patrol or rounds) but just splits with the zone leaders. So Elder Dursteller and Ioka from Hikari came up and went with me and Elder Rees. I got to go with Elder Dursteller making him the second Timpview grad I've gotten to work with here in Saijo. Crazy right?! It was super fun and I really learned a lot from him. He was really really good at just listening to what our investigators were saying, asking questions and going deep before just going into "teaching mode." Tt really helped the investigator come to trust us and helped us feel the spirit.

On Wednesday we had a little time so we took a train 12 min out to a nearbye town a member lives called Shiraichi and visited Brother Yorioka. He wasn't home unfortunately so we left a note with DC 123:11 saying, "there are many yet in [Shiraichi] (its a town of about 500 by the way) who are searching for the truth but know not where to find it" then we wrote "We're off to go find them!" Unfortunately there was no really on the streets and we knocked several doors and still found no one.

My companion pointed to this old windy looking street up into the houses with a bunch of rundown houses and said "lets go there!". I wasnt sure, but I thought "hey why not?"

We went up and the second house we knocked on the sweetest 70 year old guy came out. We quickly became good friends with him. He showed us the pond he fishes and his boat. Then asked if we could teach him right there. And a little to our surprise he said "sure!" So we sat down and answered his question of why there were so many different churches, we testified of God's love and of the restoration, and gave him a book of mormon.

Then we left that town having talked to only 1 person in the whole town.

But it was the person God wanted us to find! It is amazing how he guides us to those he has prepared!

We had a lot of lessons set up on other days this week, but unfortunately a lot dropped/got moved to sunday. Actually a LOT got moved to sunday. So on sunday we ended up with a schedule that included church (which our mission president unexpectedly came to, boy were we surprised when we saw him walking up the street to our little rented church haha). Missionary coordination meeting, showing the sisters where an investigator we were passing to them lives, and then 8 lessons. It was madness.

Turned out 3 of the lessons dropped, but we still taught 5 which was still madness with everything else. Thankfully the christlike sisters that they are, Sister Flake and WIllies found out that we didnt have any lunch or dinner really planned, just small snacks, and so they waited outside our investigators house to give us food they made. It was wonderfully kind of them.

Tonight we are teaching four people, a man from Myanmar, a Japanese, a Muslim Indonesian, and a Taiwanese.

It's a normal day in Saijo Japan.

I have been really been changing everyday in so many ways. Become more loving, more humble, closer to the spirit and more focused on others, and it has brought me joy like nothing else! Real joy really comes from becoming more like Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for these blessings. I love all of you and I love the Lord and I love the people of Japan.


I love being a missionary! =D


Elder Walton


-Me and Elder Rees taking a lunch break near the river.

-Me and my Buddy Si from Myanmar

-Us and the 4 sisters all independants ran into each other. We often run into each other here.

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