Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maybe my 4th maybe last?

Well here comes it again, transfer call day. Last time I was in a fuss worried about what would happen. But I've done that so many times that it's kind of old haha. I think I might be leaving, but I still don't know. There is a chance certainly that I could stay, whichever way I simply want to serve the Lord where he needs me.

It never really hit me before that I might leave Saijo until last night. Last night while I was praying I just remembered all the sad, and all the happy moments I have had in Saijo. All the people I have known, and I was just filled with such love for all of them and all of it. Despite being here 10 and a half months, I'm still not ready to go. I love the people here so so much. The members have sacrificed so much and continue to for the gospel. And the people here are so wonderful.

I've been on my mission over a year and to be honest I don't know anything, but Saijo.

But I know the Lord has a plan. He is guiding this place and I trust him that he knows what he is doing and I simply want to do His will.

This week we found this way cool 20 year old Japanese guy that wanted to come to church and see what it was like. We made an appointment to meet before church and got his number so we could confirm.

But then I accidentally lost it! I felt so bad, here was this golden guy that would have probably come to church if we could call and confirm but now probably wouldn't. But knew I could do nothing and I had to leave it up to the Lord.

Then the night before church guess who we ran into on the street!? That same guy! It was such a miracle! We were able to confirm with him and get his number and he came to church! Otherwise he certainly wouldn't have come.

I may make so many mistakes. I am so imperfect. But the Lord knows me and my weaknesses, and as I give it all to Him, he makes up for those weaknesses and makes it all okay. I am so grateful to him.

Also this week we had a name in our planner for our lesson Moriwaki san. But we had no idea who it was. No number no memory at all. We went to the church at that time, expecting him not to come because we couldn't confirm. But the he suprises us, walks in the door and turns out to be awesome! He totally felt the spirit, has a desire to come closer to God and is coming to church next week!

Also he owns a Mazzerati (probably wrong spelling) So he will be great to visit less actives with when he is a member ;)

Love you all!

Elder Walton

Still, Saijo Japan

-Me and my favorite man Sho

-We clearly have a costco nearby and are all American

-A beautiful place to stop for sack dinner and to read the Book of Mormon together.

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