Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Haisai! (that means hello in Okinawan!) 

I got transferred down to Okinawa, for those who aren't familiar, it is like the Hawaii of Japan! 

I got off the plane Thursday to palm trees, warm humid weather and wonderful island life! 

I am now a district leader in Shuri. My new area is the smallest in the whole mission. Wereas I am used to biking as far as I want and never being able to leave my area unless I biked 6 hours, I now bike across my whole area in 20 minutes or less. 

The church here is amazingly strong. Our ward is huge. It is full of returned missionaries and families and young people, I was so amazed when I came here. I am used to smaller branches with more old people, but this is amazing to see and work with a full ward and see what that is like. 

The missionary work has been struggling here though, there hasn't been a baptism in either of the areas in my distict in the past year and a half. But with the Lord's help we will change that. 

My new companion is Elder Chung. He is chinese, we taught a man in chinese together on the street the other day and set up an appointment for today. Pray for Ni Jian Zhan!


Elder Walon

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