Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Scottish Grandma

So I have now been in Okinawa about a week and a half and it is so great! I feel now , partly from not being a zone leader and partly from just being here in the islands and not the rush of the city I am able to just refocus on the basics of being a missionary and of missionary work. It is such a peaceful good feeling.

Despite being in an area we can bike across in 20minutes (the smallest in the mission) we have been seeing many miracles and actually finding some really good people that havent talked to missionaries 15 times. Woot!

But we really have been just seeing how much it isn't us, but how much God is guiding us even to knock on a single house that turns out to be someone who will meet again, or even guiding us to know which members we should visit and encourage to do missionary work.

Currently our most important investigator is Hiroko san!

She is a 65 year old grandma! She always wears this beret and talks with so much personality I swear she has scottish in her blood. She is so sweet and so fun to be around. Every lesson we have she comes in with sandwiches and snacks she bought from the local convenience store. She is so great!

Before I came in she had loved the missionaries and hanging out with them, but she didn't really have interest in the gospel even when she took the lessons. However one day sitting in church next to a missionary she reads on the program "baptism" and she says, "I want that!" And from then on she has started progressing. When I first came in she didn't really have a testimony of God or relationship with him, but we have been able to help her have her own spiritual experiences especially with Christ.

Her favorite was when we showed her the picture of Christ holding the little sheep. She saw that and felt so much love for Christ and that picture told her a thousand words of who Christ is. She told us "Sono hitsuji ni naritai!" (I want to be that little sheep!)

And now she has progressed so much! Her heart has done a full 180 degrees and totally changed. She is so wonderful. And she will be getting baptized this saturday! I am so grateful to have been apart of helping her come to Christ, even if it was just a small small part.

I love the gospel!

Elder Walton

A okinawa alcohol special "Habu Sake" an alcohol brewed by sticking a highly deadly poisonous snake. No thank you.

Me and my companion!

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